This website is dedicated to helping believers:
        prepare for,
            endure through and
                respond rightly to
                    suffering and persecution.

If you are suffering or experiencing persecution and need
    strength to endure,
        wisdom to respond rightly,
            motivation to press on and
                hope anchored in promise,
                    then this site is definitely for you.

Even if you are not suffering or facing persecution, this site is still for you.
    For as Jesus explains, if people persecuted him (which they did)
        then they will persecute us too (John 15:18 to 16:4).
    Consequently, anyone who would follow Christ
must be prepared to endure suffering and persecution (Matthew 16:24-26)

However, while Jesus warns us:
    "In this world you will have tribulation",
        he also exhorts us:
    to "take heart,
for I have overcome the world"
(John 16:33).

  Adoration of the Lamb